The Scuba Dive Sites

The East coast region is surrounded by a coral reef with a rich marine life – and offers shallow comfortable scuba diving sites for beginners, as well as wreck, walls, rock formations and caverns for the experienced.

With at least 18 unique scuba dive sites, a short boat trip from the Maritim Crystals Diving Center alone, there is plenty of choice for beginner and advanced divers. Here is a small selection of the most common dive sites.

Scuba Diving Site: Aquarium

Depth: 18-20 m
Environment: Coral reef barrier
Expect to see: Snapper, Parrot Fish, Trumpet Fish, Ray, Sea Turtle

Scuba Diving Site: Long Cliff

Depth: 20-25 m
Environment: Coral reef barrier
Expect to see: Carp, Shark, Sea Turtle, Parrot Fish

Scuba Diving Site: Japanese Garden

Depth: 15-20 m
Environment: Coral reef barrier, Canyon
Expect to see: Trumpet fish, Lion Fish, Snapper, Shark, Carp

Scuba Diving Site: Big Castle

Depth: 15-18 m
Environment: Canyon
Expect to see: Trumpet fish, Ray, Turtle

Scuba Diving Site: Little Castle

Depth: 10-12 m
Environment: Coral reef Barrier
Expect to see: Fire Goby, Black Spotted Puffer, Damsel, Butterfly fish

Scuba Diving Site: Canyon

Depth: 12-22 m
Environment: Canyon dive, Rock
Expect to see: Eagle ray, Sea Turtle, Tropical Fishes

Scuba Diving Site: Canyon Pass

Depth: 5-22 m
Environment: Canyon, Basaltic rock
Expect to see: Reef Sharks, Sting ray, Porcupine fish, Mauritian Gregory

Scuba Diving Site: Padi Hole

Depth: 9-10 m
Environment: Gravels, Basaltic rock
Expect to see: Line Surgeonfish, Trevally, Barracuda

Scuba Diving Site: Yen Place

Depth: 9-12 m
Environment: Soft corals, Sponge
Expect to see: Pearly Sergeant, White tail dascyllus, Scissortail sergeant

Site: Ruang Lap

Depth: 25-27 m
Environment: Ship wreck
Expect to see: Wreck, Sergeant Fish, Eagle Ray

Site: Sea Fan Forest

Depth: 26-30 m
Environment: Drop off, Sea Fans, Soft Corals, Sponge
Expect to see: Huge Parrot Fish, Eagle ray, Sting ray

Site: Sea Fan Valley

Depth: 25-30 m
Environment: Canyon, Soft Corals, Sea fans
Expect to see: Sting ray, Sea turtle, Eagle ray, Angel fish, Trumpet fish

Site: Madras

Depth: 15-30 m
Environment: Canyon, Drop off
Expect to see: Blue band Snapper, Sharks

Site: Lobster Canyon

Depth: 25-30 m
Environment: Drop off
Expect to see: Giant crabs, Lobsters, Great Barracuda,

Site: Belle Mare Pass

Depth: 5-18 m
Environment: Channel, Canyon
Expect to see: Ray, Jackfish, Barracuda, Shark, Sea Turtle

Site: Barracuda Grand

Depth: 12-16 m
Environment: Gravels, basaltic rock
Expect to see: Great Barracuda, King fish, Carp, Shark

Site: Anchor Pass

Depth: 4-15 m
Environment: Canyon, Anchors,
Expect to see: Carp, Vielle, surgeonfish

Site: Trou Moutou

Depth: 5-7 m
Environment: Soft coral, Sponge
Expect to see: Clown fish, Trumpet fish, Parrot fish

Site: Coral Garden

Depth: 5-10 m
Environment: Coral
Expect to see: Variety of Corals, Clown fish, Tropical fishes